Love Yourself (not by Justin Beiber)

Love Yourself (not by Justin Beiber)

I was just reading my About Me section. There’s a sentence in there that I have to change but I will memorialize it here first before I do. It says that “I am not even close to being the person I once was”. My mind has been changed and it came with clarity a few weeks ago.

The clarity that came is that I AM the person I once was. She’s me. I’m her. The difference is that I can finally love her and all of her imperfections. There’s no more loathing her when I look back. Just a girl trying to figure things out. Lost. Looking. Trying. Trying so hard. And then almost giving up. And I love every little inch of her. In fact, right this very minute, I have tears of gratitude for being able to love her. For being able to love me. So that’s now out for everyone to read….and I am so happy that I can finally share it.

It’s always been a struggle for me to love myself. We’ve all read about and have seen everywhere on social media to love yourself first. Things like how can you love anyone until you love yourself first or you can never be happy as someone’s other half if you aren’t happy with yourself and so on. All great quotes with great meaning. Unless you have no idea how to get there.

For me, if I had to map out the journey, I could. There are parts of it that I would gladly revisit and parts that I’m ok not revisiting….like ever again. What it has come down to is that if you want to change, if you want to put in some effort to change, if you WILL it to happen….wait…..that’s pushing it….we really can emerge from dark to light.

This website, this practice that I am building, is the culmination of learning to really, really love myself. I may even post a meme about it.