What is happening to me?


This is the question I kept asking myself when nothing in my life seemed to fit anymore. I was questioning everything that I knew, everything that was familiar. All of my beliefs in religion and faith were shifting so quickly and the things that I was repeatedly told over and over were wrong were feeling so right. The phrase “everything that man touches, he messes up” would not leave my brain. So I did the exact thing that I was always told I wasn’t supposed to do. I saw an intuitive energy healer and she changed my life. I knew then that something big was waiting for me and the struggle, pain, and heartbreak would one day be worth it. Ok, I knew that sometimes. It has been a difficult path but I know I am not even close to same person I once was I know I have grown so much. As soon as I let go of all of my old beliefs a whole new world opened up for me and the gifts that I always knew I had were allowed to be free.
Although my faith wavered momentarily,  ultimately I knew my purpose was offering guidance and facilitating healing for people who were once as stuck as I was. This type of  self-discovery won’t always fit in the boxes of the friends and family members of individuals striving to heal and search for purpose. I look outside the judgments placed upon people when they seek to break free of old habits and patterns, to show them who they really are underneath the hurt, the pain, the conditioning. I am here to gently guide people through the process of freeing their souls and it fires the passion in me deeper than I’ve ever known. I’m excited to share my work with people!